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Wanna become an icon? JOIN HERE! We're all icons..
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Hey and welcome at cherriearts =)

What the fuck?
Cherriearts is a little Icon-Community. Some artists will post their icons here and you are free to use them, if you consider the rules (further down). But this com isn't for everyone to share his more or less good works. Just a handful, particularly selected artist are allowd to post.

And p.s., I know, it's cherry and not cherrie, but I think cherriearts looks cooler than cherryarts.

Who the fuck?
The Maintainer is kagurachan89, a 16 years old German girl. I've had some other graphic-projects so far, but they didn't really work. Stupid coworkers, but also my own laziness.
The first coworker is indiechic_nin, 16 and German, too! =)

#1 No direct-linking! Load the Icons to your own server!
#2 Don't pretend the icons are yours!
#3 Always credit cherriearts!
#4 Comment if you are taking an icon.

By joining the community, you accept the rules!

Wanna become coworker?
If you want to work with me, just write a mail at kagurachan89@gmail.com with some of your works and your lj-name. You could send me everything, not only icons! You should update once in two weeks!

Wanna become partner?
Just leave a comment in one of the update-entrys with your com/journal name and we will list you here. Please list us also with our button. The com/journal must be about graphics =)

Do we take requests?
Yes, we do. Feel free to ask. Right HERE